Restore Your Gut Health

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Restore Your Gut Health

About Course

Building excellent gut health is the foundation of excellent general wellness. 

The Restore Your Gut Program aims to eliminate the unfavourable, persistent gut issues you might have been experiencing for years. Bloating, gas, irregular digestion, fatigue, constipation and/or diarrhoea and impaired concentration are symptoms of digestive system disorders. 

I aim to restore the digestive tract with specific dietary and lifestyle strategies.

Course content

videoBody track Measurements Start
videoQuick Start Guide Start
videoFood Journal Start
videoMenu Planner Start
videoe-Book Guide Week 1 Start
videoFoods to eat & not to eat Start
videoShopping List Start
videoRecipe Guide Start
videoe-Book Week 2 Start
videoBreakfast Recipes Start
videoLunch & Dinner Recipes Start
videoe-Book Week 3 Start
videoGolden Milk Recipe Start
videoCoconut Oil Benefits Start
videoNightshades List Start
videoe-Book Guide week 4 Start
videoVegetable Cooking Methods Start
videoRemove Phytic Acid & Benefits Start
videoPositive affirmations Start
Antonela Maria Butuc

Antonela Maria Butuc

Course Instructor

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