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Unbounded Wellness Club Membership

About Course

The Unbounded Wellness Club is a step-by-step membership allowing you to gain knowledge and skills to optimise your health, eliminate pains, and live your desired life. Glow from the inside out. 

The Unbounded Wellness Club membership is a comprehensive program designed to help women over 35 achieve their weight loss, energy and confidence goals. Our membership provides members with a supportive community, personalised coaching, and access to exclusive resources and tools to help them reach their desired outcomes. 

Whether you’re just starting your wellness journey or looking to take your health to the next level, the Unbounded Wellness Club has everything you need to succeed. Join now and take control of your health and happiness.

Course content

videoUnbounded Wellness Club - Diclaimer Start
videoTapping into your why. Set yourself for succes Start
videoAction Task - tapping into your why Start
videoBegining your Journaling Prctice Start
videoThe Wheel of Wellness Start
videoGoal Setting Ste-By-Step Start
videoHomework: Journaling Practice Start
videoA short guide to the 6 essential nutrients Start
video10 supper foods to add to your diet Start
videoEat in-season foods Start
videoAction Task - Questions to reflect Start
videoAssessment - Your relationship with your food Start
videoSymptoms of Chronic Stress Start
videoStress Assessment Start
videoSimple Ways to Stress Less Start
videoStress - Deep Breathing Exercises Start
videoThe Weekly Homework Start
videoThe key Hormones Start
videoHow to Balance and Maintain Hormones Levels Start
videoXenoestrogens - the Impact on Our Hormones Start
videoThe Weekly Homework Start
videoThe Connection Between Fod & Mood Start
videoAssesment - Food & Mood Start
videoHow Food Affects Mood Start
videoImpules & Mindfull Eating Start
videoThe Weekly Homework Start
videoThe Importance of Sleep Start
videoConnection Between Diet and Sleep Start
videoImprove Your Sleep Habit Start
videoThis week homework: Sleep Start
videoNatural Movement & Exercise Start
videoCreate a Personal Exercise Plan Start
videoThe Exercise Journal Start
videoThe Weekly Homework Start
videoSelf-Care Plan Start
videoSelf-care - Morning and Sunday Routine Start
videoThe Weekly Homework Start
videoMindset Shift Start
videoMindset Tips Start
videoRecipe Guide Start
videoVegetable Cooking Methods Start
videoMain Meal - 29 Recipes Start
videoLow-Carb Bread Recipes Start
videoDay 1 Start
videoDay 2 Start
videoDay 3 Start
videoDay 4 Start
videoDay 5 Start
Antonela Maria Butuc

Antonela Maria Butuc

Course Instructor

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